About the author

Hi, my name is Koen Timmers

Thank you very much for buying this app.

The story started in 2000. At this time I made the interactive determination table as the thesis for my university course Biology-Mathematics-Informatics. At the time, only ‘paper’ determination tables existed. The programme I developed was thus unique. Later, I turned this programme into a website, which you can visit at www.bomen-determineren.com. Since then, the website has been a huge success. Up until now, the there have been over a million visitors. Between September and November there are more than 1000 visitors a day. Don’t worry! The information found on this website has been checked by a master of biology and university teacher, connected to KHLim – Hasselt: Lieve Evens.

After the determination table, I came up with zelfstudie.be. This website offers over 40 courses on web design, app development and graphic design.
This enables you to create your own app or website! This website became an instant success too. There are over 15000 members.

Nowadays more and more people own a smartphone or tablet computer. This has lead to the development of the Interactive determination table-app.
The original idea, back in 2000, was to enable people to walk into the woods with their laptops and could determine which tree they were facing on the spot, by looking at the leaves. Now, this is finally possible. We whish you lots of fun with this app, and hope it comes in useful when you wonder what healing powers trees possess, or wonder how exactly a lime tree leave looks.