Common Walnut

Juglans regia


NATURE deciduous tree
LEAF composed: oddly pinnate
  Leaf edge:
Leaf shape: egg-shaped
Nervation: feather-veined

Medical value: none
Use: The wood is light to dark brown, hard and durable. It is a favourite for carpentry, veneer and woodworking. The nutshell was formerly used as non-stick coating for bakers’ ovens in grinded form.  Nowadays this grinded nutshell is used in the aircraft industry as a polisher and NASA uses it as isolator for rockets to protect them against high temperatures.


Bloom. All months in which we can find blooming specimens. Regional differences may occur.
Harvest Time. All months in which we can find ripe fruits on trees. Unripe fruit can be found earlier on trees and shrubs. Sometimes even throughout the year, as happens with trees such as pines, this fruit ripens over several years.
Both flowers and ripe fruit may occur at the same time in some months.