Wild Cherry

Prunus avium L.


NATURE deciduous tree
LEAF singular leaf
  Leaf edge: saw-toothed
Leaf shape: long egg-shaped
Nervation: feather-veined
FRUIT drupe

Medical value:
Use: The wood is hard, heavy and durable. It is sunset yellow or auburn coloured. Loved for carpentry, musical instruments, woodwork and woodcarving.
The wild cherry is considered one of the most beautiful domestic trees when in bloom.
This tree is widely spread because of its sweet seeds birds pick from orchards and spread trough their droppings.


Bloom. All months in which we can find blooming specimens. Regional differences may occur.
Harvest Time. All months in which we can find ripe fruits on trees. Unripe fruit can be found earlier on trees and shrubs. Sometimes even throughout the year, as happens with trees such as pines, this fruit ripens over several years.
Both flowers and ripe fruit may occur at the same time in some months.